Introducing our latest ventures

Life Sciences


AazeinTx is on a mission to treat asthma differently and has discovered a rapid acting oral treatment that shows strong potential in stopping acute asthma attacks. Asthma treatments are currently delivered through the airways, however treating asthma attacks is difficult when the airways are not easily accessible. This potential treatment has completed phase I clinical trials and is ready to move to phase II.


Modelis is a patient-centric biotechnology company that expedites drug discovery in the rare genetic disease space. The process involves AI-integrated screening of publicly and privately available pharmaceutical molecules with world-class scientific rigor in small animal models.


Lumiio specializes in real-world data collection services that drive health outcomes. Lumiio connects stakeholders in health communities by aligning interests, and working towards the common goal of improving solutions for diagnostics, treatment, and care. 


OligomicsTx is a preclinical stage biotechnology company developing a ground-breaking novel biotherapeutic for facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy (FSHD). FSHD causes progressive weakness in the muscles of the face, shoulders, and limbs. Currently, there is no cure for FSHD.


AphioTx is a clinical stage biotechnology company developing a platform of small molecule and protein-based biotherapeutics targeting chronic pain and opioid addiction. Phase 2 clinical trials are planned to begin in 2021.

Taylored Biotherapeutics

Taylored Biotherapeutics is a world-class microbiome research company focused on mental health and developmental disorders, and is poised to create a new class in this space. There have been limited developments for approximately twenty-five years within this niche area of research.

Rapid Infection Diagnostics (RID)

Rapid Infection Diagnostics has designed a series of fully-automated diagnostic devices that will take blood and urine samples to provide identification and susceptibility testing of bacteria in approximately 25% of the time of current tests (with similarly high levels of accuracy).


Pure Life Carbon

Pure Life Carbon is a patent-pending soilless growing medium company revolutionizing the use of advanced carbons to materially increase crop yields, ensure crop consistency, and reduce cultivation risk with a carbon-negative footprint.

Global Humanus

Global Humanus supports families philanthropic endeavours with strategic advice to maximize the impact on the causes they value most.

Global Humanus’ philosophy for delivery is based on the following key characteristics; Trust, Discretion, Inspiration, Challenges, Experience, and Collegiality.


Myera is an Indigenous owned company that has established an arctic char fish farm and is investing in leading edge technology.  Myera’s goal is to become a world leader in land based sustainable fish farming and related agricultural solutions.