KASTx Ventures is pleased to announce Christian Idicula has joined our team as Director, Operations. For Christian, his career path has been anything but straight, because he has always been most driven by his core values and passion for learning and growth. 

“Most people tend to pursue just one, maybe two things in their career. That hasn’t really been me,” he said. “For me, the ideas of leadership and building have always been the backdrop of my choices. It has always been about looking at how the role expands my knowledge and skill set, and how it draws upon what I can bring to the table to add value for the team.” 

As a young science graduate during the early days of the internet, Christian’s career launched at Critical Mass, which was then a young startup agency. For a number of years, he was based out of New York City, which he credits as a profound experience both personally and professionally. 

“I graduated right into a time where Amazon was a few years old, websites were still a new thing, the Internet was—in a mass market sense—still quite new, and I was fascinated by the potential of it,” he said. “Living and working in New York was an important experience for me, and it also made me appreciate the opportunities we have in Canada.” 

Continuing on his path of inspiration, Christian would transition into a career in finance, where he returned to Canada with UBS in Toronto and later Deloitte and PwC in Edmonton, where he currently lives. Eventually, like many others in the wake of COVID-19, Christian decided to take some time to reflect on the next leg of his career journey. He leaned once again on his core values and formulated three pillars to guide his decisions: Impact, Inspire, and Invest. 

“I had my moment on a mountain to reflect and contemplate. Some people do that metaphorically, I did it literally,” he said. “With KASTx, when I describe it to others, they get it right away. We are working with people who are creating something that has global impact. To me, that is first and foremost the most inspiring.” 

As an integral person in KASTx’s everyday operations, the team is equally excited to have someone so passionate about impacting global health outcomes. 

“Christian’s deep expertise in financial management and growing companies from the ground up make him an integral part of the growing KASTx team,” said Mark Starratt, KASTx founder and partner. “His dedication and drive will help us accelerate our reach and increase our opportunities to grow the science we strongly believe in.” 

Learn more about Christian: https://kastxventures.com/about/