KASTx Ventures is excited to announce the addition of Stuart Boswell as their new controller. After graduating from St. Francis Xavier University in 2015, Boswell launched his accounting career at big four company Ernst & Young where he said he seriously began to develop as a professional. He then transitioned to work for a turf equipment company where he assisted in modernizing their accounting practicesIt was through these experiences that he also developed foresight into how technologies are revolutionizing the accounting profession. 

“Personally, I don’t like certain mundane tasks that come with the role of being an accountant,” Boswell said. “I do however find that improving technologies are allowing accountants to be more like financial engineers or data scientists.” 

 What makes accounting such an interesting field for Boswell, however, is the art of putting the data puzzle pieces together to see a company’s bigger financial picture, and help enable and ensure company growth. 

“What I enjoy about accounting is the story-telling aspect of understanding a business through its historical transactions,” he explained. “In my opinion, its important to understand how transactions sequence and the cause of change in these transactions in order to optimize future decision making. 

At KASTx Ventures, Boswell said he’s excited to join a team that’s making positive impacts in the Canadian life sciences ecosystem.  

“As an accountant, I view my role as supporting leadership in decision making by having great data,” he said, “and it presents a great opportunity to join an exceptional and diverse team where there will be countless opportunities to grow my own knowledge and experience.” 

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