KASTx is excited to announce Filip Korngut has joined their growing team as director, technology and information security. As a lifelong technology enthusiast, Korngut will play an instrumental role in helping both KASTx and their portfolio companies streamline and feel secure in their processes. But his love of tech isn’t limited to his work life, he said, making sure his everyday life is as streamlined as the people hworks with.  

“I’ve always been fascinated with technology,” he said, I’m obsessed with having the latest and greatest technology, and how you can improve lives with these technologies. It’s just fascinating.” 

Now more than ever, Korngut said streamlining technology and improving security for businesses is integral to a functioning workplace. Having the right tech in place can make or break an online environment for both companies and their employees, and he takes pride helping people achieve success and grow online connections 

“It’s rewarding that you’re enabling businesses and enabling people to increase communication, collaboration, and allow for business transformation,” he explained. “Like we’re all sitting at home now working, the worker’s lifestyle has changed, so it’s adapting to that change and keeping it functional and secure.” 

Korngut’s career has spanned across a number of different industries from oil and gas to the non-profit sector. He has led cyber security developments for big four consulting firms, and has already had an impact on the behind-the-scenes security technology for KASTx’s operations. Despite his impressive resume, however, Korngut said his best accomplishments come from the impact hhas on the people he works with. 

“It’s the simple things for me like building relationships with people,” he explained. “I’ve been a part of a number of great projects, but it’s the relationships, making impactful change for people, helping people succeed in their objectives that really stands out to me.” 

With KASTx, he said he’s excited to help them and their companies to achieve their business goals through the best security and technological practices, helping to streamline the day-to-day work as well as increase productivity and cut costs 

“Filip’s expertise has and will continue to be a huge asset in the growth of our company,” said Mark Starratt, KASTx Ventures cofounder. “He will be instrumental in helping to secure and enhance our practices, not only positively impacting us and our work, but the global communities our portfolios impact as well.”

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