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Are you a researcher interested in commercializing your greatest idea? Or maybe, you’re an entrepreneur trying to figure out your next step? Perhaps you are an investor looking for some of the best start-up ideas? Our team of hands-on experts wants to work with you to drive you and your goals towards success. 

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Uncompromising Values

Are you a values-centric inventor who only collaborates with individuals you trust?

Highly Committed

Are you committed to your idea and ready to drive it towards success?

Big Ideas

Is your idea going to make an impact globally?

Competitive Edge

Does your idea have the potential to establish a monopoly position? Is your idea patentable?

Delivering value for life sciences

KASTx Ventures is currently partnering with leaders in medical research to help protect and develop their projects. Our deep connections in the medical field can help plan, budget, and fund the development and commercialization process from beginning to end.

The expert team of "doers"

World-class Science

Our world-leading preclinical and early science experts have the right skills to build an optimal business and clinical development plan.

Build your team

Our experts will help connect you with other industry professionals we have worked with before, add value to your team, and help drive you towards your strategic objectives. ​

Add & Protect value

Are you currently protecting your intellectual capital? Are you sure your current protections are sufficient enough? Our experts can help you assess and improve.

Strategic partnerships

We'll connect you with opportunities and partnerships to help you achieve your next milestone.

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